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Green Building

Green Building And Home Improvement

When building a new home, adding on an extension or even just a simple remodel within your home, you should always consider your local environment to maximize the efficiency of every aspect of your project. There are four main areas that need to be focused on when planning your building project. They include: - water - energy - building materials Each of these areas contain specific products and methods that can really benefit your home lifestyle ..
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Natural Building Tour of Eco-Friendly Affordable Homes

A growing number of people are disillusioned with conventional housing made of 2x4s and sheetrock (the way most homes in North America are built). These homes are filled with materials such as particleboard, plywood, plastic, linoleum, and synthetic carpet and paint that contain known carcinogens and allergens. These man-made materials offgas toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde and often continue to do so for many years. Occupants of these homes ..
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Building Green Home Real Estate Helps More Than Just The Environment

However, if you possibly can lift a bale with straw and stack it on top of another bale of straw you already have principle skill you should build the walls to your new home. Practice May make Perfect: The great point about straw like a building material is that should be perfect for the actual builder. If you believe that you really want to use it then you can definitely build yourself one small shed or perhaps a chicken coop to see the feel for ..
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Constructing Green and How Modular Home Builders Are Assisting In the Method

Best in all, choosing not in order to rake the actually leaves and instead using them to surround your garden's plants is one create a all-natural mulch - as well as pairing these departs with used coffee grounds causes an extraordinarily lush garden to flower. Using non-toxic pesticides to create insects and other animals keep away from the garden will be another method geared toward making the environment an even more green place to make sure y ..
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Baby Boomers are Living Off The Grid, Using Alternative Energy, and Building Strawbale Houses

There is a lot to be said for the new crop of environmental-friendly, retiring Baby Boomers that are refusing the canned retirement solutions that are out there aplenty. Many have had to live in the cities that created their employment...complete with smog and crime. Years have gone by, the kids have been protected as much as possible in gated communities and the day has finally dawned when it's time to take a look at 'what's next.' The idea of t ..
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