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The Cold, Hard Truth of a Change in Temperature

Hands up if you're a fan of winter. Do you enjoy snowball fights and sledging, wrapping up warm and drinking mugs of hot chocolate. All of these are attractive ideas that make winter extremely enjoyable. However, consider the flip side; shorter days, darker nights and miserable weather, all of which can make the journey to work a nightmare and ruin plans in an instant.

Winter is a season which comes around annually and whether you love or hate it, it is vital to be prepared for every eventuality. One of the ways in which to do this is to be ready for snow and ice at all times.

New studies have shown a strong link between the continued shrinking of the Arctic sea ice and colder winters for many parts of the world. Due to climate change and the increase in global temperatures, a smaller area of the Arctic Ocean is being covered with ice in the summer and autumn months; essentially this means that more heat is released into the atmosphere, which in turn reduces the difference in air temperature between the Arctic and expanses further south.

This has been proved to have a direct impact on the northern jet stream, causing colder and snowier weather to be much more likely. We are now experiencing more extreme weather throughout the whole year, and as such must be ready, willing and able to cope with this change.

With an increase in cars and transportation, and of course more roads being built, it is essential we are ready to combat snow and ice at all times. Effective management of gritting roads and public areas is key for the safety of all.

Councils are there to ensure roads are sufficiently gritted and safe for travel wherever possible, whilst each individual has a personal responsibility to ensure they have sufficient knowledge and provisions in case of emergency.

It is wise to have warm clothing and equipment such as a snow shovel, ice scraper, de-icer and first aid kit stored in your car during the winter months. Furthermore, purchasing your own supply of grit for personal use on driveways and paths is a good idea. This will help prevent accidents, especially where young children and the elderly are concerned.

By ensuring we are prepared at all times we can reduce the impact of snow and ice on our everyday lives, enabling us to cope much more easily with winters yet to come.

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By Levi Mckie


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