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Our Changing Climate

Climate change appears in the news regularly and there is good reason behind the appearances as rising temperatures are plunging us into an eventual extinction of all species on our planet. Cause of climate change and global warming are well documented as increasing populations require places to live and cars to drive.

More cars mean more greenhouse gases in our environment and as more homes are built natural habitats are destroyed to make room for a new flash house.

Even though we may have started to reduce our carbon footprint, our efforts may be in vain as we have already caused enough damage. The reason for this is due to the polar ice caps, which will continue to melt no matter what. Previously the polar ice caps were made up of white ice which reflected heat rays from the sun meaning they did not melt; however in more current times white ice has been replaced with dark water and ice which absorbs eat causing it to melt and the water to stay in our air as water vapour.

The water in our atmosphere is not returning to our ground and freezing so the area off ice at the north and south poles is rapidly decreasing. Statistics have proven our poles are rapidly decreasing as by the end of summer 2012 only a quarter of the Arctic Ocean was covered by ice, a figure which is over 2,000,000 square km lower than previous years.

A warmer climate explains why we are currently seeing extreme weather all over the world and cases like Hurricane Sandy will continue. The reason behind our extreme weather is all the water vapour in our atmosphere and with a warmer climate the water cannot fall as often as previously seen, meaning more rain is stored in the air. Then when temperatures drop enough, currently a rare occasion, rain falls are more intense and longer.

As places would of waited a long time for rain the ground is likely to be hard an unable to absorb water leaving it to remain on the surface causing flash floods everywhere. Stationary weather is also intensified by the polar jet stream meandering due to differing temperatures all over the world.

As winter approaches temperatures will dip causing the rain to freeze, obvious causing snow and hail. Last year the United Kingdom was crippled by heavy snow something, which will be much worse in the coming months. Organisations like The National Geographic have predicted we will have a fight on our hands from extreme weather. You need to make sure you are prepared for any eventuality by purchasing all of the equipment available to you. Items like an emergency snow shovel or white de-icing salt could get you out of harsh situations as well as ensuring your safety.

Extreme weather is something which should definitely not be taken lightly due fatalities happening all over the world. At the end of the day your safety should be your priority as well as the safety of your family meaning items available to you should not be taken for granted especially when they could be helping you in as winter approaches.

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