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How Does the Rechargeable Solar Battery Work?

Solar power can be directly converted Solar energy into electrical energy, and can also be transferred to be stored as battery electric energy, that means to charge for the battery. Each piece of solar power output power is determined by the size of the light glossy appearance.

When the area of light is determine, the power also related to the strength and load size and light eyes. For light battery at 60 mm in diameter, when the light intensity is 100mw/cm. The open circuit voltage is 0.57V, short-circuit current is 0.7A. Under the best workload. Its output voltage is in the 0.43V, the output stream is 0.62A.

Use solar power to charge the battery, the easiest way is to connect several solar cells in series from the meters to charge the battery. To charge for a 6V power, it needs about 20 to 22 light batteries. But in fact the charging efficiency is not high because when the light at strongest, the output current does not increase the number of As mentioned earlier, so the best work of current and short-circuit current difference is not large.

While weakens the light, the photoelectric power voltage dropped faster when the voltage is lower than 6.7 V, actually has no power commandment charge into the battery.

Transistor beta values greater than 120, more than the operating frequency of about 1okHz. Transformer E-type ferrite core area of the primary 7 -- 7 mm.

To 6 V battery, when the strongest in the light, it can produce 0.2 A charge current with a converter efficiency of 70%. To obtain a high conversion efficiency, when making we need to change the capacitance of the C2 and adjust W so that get the maximum output.

Solar power is the most portable power device ever not only because of its small size and light weight, but the doubtless solar origin of this power device itself - the sun.

As long as it is fine, this solar power can be charged itself and in turn it can charge for other mobile devices, such as PSP, digital cameras, MP3/MP4, Ipod, cell phones, Ipad and so on.

That is so economical and environment friendly. solar mobile power apply the advanced solar technology which converts the unlimited and free solar energy into electricity to its built-in battery.

The power facility well store all the energy and charge for mobile devices if any power shortage come across. As the built-in battery, it's equipped with safe and durable lithium polymer battery.

About the Author:
Celia is a electricity products amateur who always focus on the new arrival cell phone accessories, such as mobile power.
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