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Make Huge Energy Savings With Atlantic Renewables, Solar Panels Manchester

Make huge energy savings with Atlantic Renewables

The Altrincham based Solar Panel Installation company is offering industry-low prices and a quality product to ensure your home is energy efficient and saves you money...

There has been a lot of recent media coverage regarding government intervention and domestic returns for those investing solar energy systems. With the looming August 1st deadline Atlantic Renewables are offering massive price reductions in the cost of installation of these systems for your home.

With a high quality installation and low price investors can achieve the same rate of return to when the Feed In Tariff was at a higher rate. Because this is likely to change again in summer, now really is the best time to think about investing in solar energy, especially as the current low cost of installation means a larger portion of the demographic can afford renewable energy and reap the same huge rewards.

Energy savings from solar occur in the following ways:
* Feed In Tariff payments - 21p per kW
* Free electricity - saving around 12p per kW
* Generation Tariff - 3.2p per kW for all unused electricity generated.

Atlantic Renewables ( ) is a renewable energy company based in Altrincham. Covering a two-acre site, the company incorporates NFRC-backed roofers, fully qualified electricians and its own scaffolding company, long with design and industry experts to ensure you get the look and the price that's right for your home.

Your installation, which usually takes one day to complete, is overseen by Atlantic Renewables' staff from design and install to final hand over. Atlantic Renewables is a company intent on becoming the best in its field, earning itself a reputation for being the most efficient renewable energy supplier in the area, and offering a high quality product and service at the best possible price.

The company offers a complete range of renewable energy solutions, both on an individual basis, or as part of a fully-integrated whole house system, with friendly, knowledgeable staff at all stages of the process. An extra bonus of using Atlantic Renewables is that as part of recent changes, those considering Solar PV for their homes are required to have an energy assessment or EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) - an assessment of a given property's energy performance - so the company is offering free insulation upgrades on homes that are poorly insulated.

Testimonial 'The Team were great, from the initial survey to the installation, nothing was too much hassle. 'The roofers and electrician arrived at 8am and completed my 15-panel installation in under a day. I would recommend them to anyone.' Mr Thomas Corneil, Dunham.

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About the Author:
Dean Flute, Director at Atlantic Renewables, solar installation

By Dean Flute


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