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Global Warming

Carbon dioxide and other gases warm the surface of the planet naturally by trapping solar heat in the atmosphere. This is a good thing because it makes our planet a habitable place. But certain gases are causing the temperature of earth rising. It is the most serious environmental crisis that world is facing today. Carbon dioxide is identified as the main cause of global warming. The changes in climates occurring the world over are attributed to global warming.

Rising seas, heat waves, intense floods, cyclones all are results of man's intervention with nature, which in turn resulted in global warming. People will have to flee environmental disasters and seek refuge in lands which are not theirs. It is evident that global warming is human induced. Most of the increase in globally averaged temperatures since twentieth century is very likely due to the increase in anthropogenic green house gas concentration.

Some believe that global warming is caused by natural phenomenon like sun spots and the earth's orbit and its tilt. But natural causes and human activities are the causes which induces global warming.

Sun spot cycle is found to influence sun spots, the explosions on the sun's surface produces intense heat which when hit on the earth's surface can cause high temperature in earth's atmosphere. Any changes in the tilt of earth's orbit can cause the planet earth to move closer or move away from the sun.

There are evidences showing plate tectonics cause poles to get separated from warm ocean currents thus affecting the global climate. Another major natural factor that affects global warming is the release of methane gas mainly from the marsh lands and arctic tundra.

More than 60% of global warming is caused by carbon dioxide, but other substances which cause global warming as well include methane, chloro fluro carbons and nitrous oxides, by human activities, the concentration of these gases increases. Smoke emitted by vehicles using fossil fuels, factories belching out smoke, chloro fluro carbons used in refrigerators, perfume sprays, coal-fired electrical power plants, cutting down trees, all these contribute to global warming.

The rise of industrial revolution has dramatically increased the amount of global warming causing green house gas concentration much faster than the earth could recycle or purify them.

Deforestation aggravates the situation, as the trees are cut down conversion of carbon dioxide to oxygen is taking place very slowly which causes increased amount of carbon dioxide in atmosphere.

Burning of fossil fuels like gas, petrol and coal and the use of fire wood, also add to the carbon dioxide concentration. Nitrous oxide which is another green house gas is released during agricultural and various industrial processes.

Global warming will influence human lives negatively, death due to heat waves will occur, infectious disease like malaria will become common with the increasing temperature. Changes in climate not only affect our bodies but also harm our crops. The heat can damage our crops; the rising temperature may allow the growth of weeds and pests, and our crops to be infected with diseases.

This will result in poor yield and cause malnutrition world wide. The changes in climate are capable of altering our water cycles. Heavy downpours and flash floods will increase. High temperatures results in drying up of crop lands or parched land areas, which are not suitable for cultivation.

It is also assumed that the increasing temperature can cause the ice in the Polar Regions and in Himalayas to melt. Melting of the snow world wide will result in rise in sea-levels. Scientists believe that if the sea level increase at the present rate, all the cities near the sea shore from Boston to Bombay will be under water within next fifty years. Many of the islands in the world will be wiped out from the surface of the earth. Over the century the increase in temperature rise could be between2.5to4.5 degree Celsius.

To fight global warming many countries are conducting research to find out the exact causes and the various ways to reduce the global warming. The United Nations has drafted many proposals about the climate changes and about the possible actions for reducing green house gas emissions. Inter governmental panel on climate change has released a report in Paris on February 2007 highlighting the threats people all over the world are likely to face from global warming.

It is high time, for each and every person, to make a positive effort to reduce the impact of global warming on our mother earth. Importance should be given for re-using or recycling plastic containers or jars. As plastic is a major cause of pollution of land and water.

Burning plastic waste produces more carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases causing global warming.

Emissions from transporting vehicles can be considerably reduced if the employer can opt for work from home program for jobs. Automobile trips can be considerably reduced with car pool systems and by using bikes or cycles for short distance traveling. Doing the necessary shopping by using on-line shopping is another option for reducing the use of vehicles.

As the bad effects of global warming are becoming more clear, people will hope fully co-operate to control the effect of global warming. Trying to reduce the emissions of green house gases and planting trees to keep the optimum oxygen levels all will help to fight global warming.

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