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Green Technology - Embrace it to cure the Planets Fever

Green technology is also called environmental technology. It is the application of the environmental science and green chemistry to conserve the natural environment and natural resources. The Main purpose of green technology invention is to retaliate or contradict the negative impacts caused by human. Sustainable development is the core foundation of green and environmental technologies.

An example of green technology is biosphere technology. It is a process of waste to energy. It uses gasification process and not incineration. Gasification process diminishes waste in a cost - effective manner without polluting the environment. The good thing about this breakthrough technology is that it does not contribute any harm to the environment. It does not release carbon dioxide emission that makes our planet hotter.

On the contrary, incineration also produces electricity through waste burning. However, because it causes carbon dioxide emissions that contribute to the already fast - paced global warming, the electricity it produces cannot be considered as renewable energy. Unlike gasification that guarantees zero harm to the environment, the energy it produces from waste burning is classified as green energy.

Why do you think makes it possible to cause no harm to the environment through waste burning if Gasification technology is applied? Simple, the process is done in a limited oxygen environment and it will not cause any unwanted atmospheric emission.

We are all aware of the environmental catastrophes and different tragic occurrences due to global warming. The planet's fever is incessantly becoming severe as years pass by. It won't get any better if we won't do anything.

There are numerous ways in order to help our planet survive. There are things that can be done that can really help our mother earth. By simply embracing a green lifestyle you can make a huge difference. However, to create a big impact towards true change, you need to take a big leap. You can be a part of building a better world. You can be one of those people that advocates towards the immense goal.

We can cure the planet's fever by supporting the cause of companies and corporations that pushes green changes. True Green Energy Group or TGEG is one of the few companies that solidify the promotion of word power and green technologies. Together with you, the responsible residences of this planet, we can save our dying planet. Do not let it die. Do it for the earth, do it for the future generations.

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Example of Green Technology where waste to energy is a reality.

If you want to be a part of creating a better world, you might want to be a part of the Green Energy and waste management.
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