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Green Technology: What's the Big Deal?

Calling all green business bods! Want to hear more about how environmentally-friendly technology can benefit your business? Or are you looking to further your environmental career by boffing up on the latest green science?

Green technology certainly is the way forward for smart business owners and job-seekers looking to move into a successful company. Advocates of green technology claim that the green revolution will be just as explosive and all-encompassing as the advent of information technology in the last 20 years. The main goals of green technology advocates are to end the cycle of disposable products, replacing it with one where products that can be reused are created; reducing waste and pollution; finding alternatives to fossil fuels; and creating new, sustainable methods of production that can meet society's needs.

So where can you find out more?

Next month, ecoConnect, facilitator and promoter of innovative green technology, will host a green business forum with guest speaker Zac Goldsmith. Son of billionaire Sir James Goldsmith, Zac is a renowned environmentalist, anti-globaliser and the director and editor of 'The Ecologist' magazine.

The forum is for anyone with interest or involvement in green technology and sustainablity. It will provide fascinating discussion on the environmental technology sector, as well as a showcase of examples of the most innovative green technology. The forum will take place on Tuesday 21st October at 6.30pm, at the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew. Want to get involved? You can book a place by searching for ecoConnect's website.

EcoConnect is a not-for-profit, social enterprise organisation, which holds regular green networking events useful to anyone pursuing an environmental career. Its mission is to champion green technologies and services, connecting them with commerce and industry.

If your business is lagging behind in the 20th century model of wasteful technology, or you are a job-seeker tired of working for a company like this, watch this space for more news about green technology, and keep checking for companies that are already part of the green revolution!

About the Author:

Rachel Charman, a writer for Green Jobs UK - an environmentally friendly green job search board offering free job listings to Environmental, NGO's, and ethical companies promoting fair trade services and support sustainable living.
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