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Understanding Global Warming and Its Effects

By now you have most probably heard of the term global warming. You may have heard it in the news or read about it in magazines that are published for the environmentally conscious. The bottom line is that global warming is here with us and people all over the world are talking about it. Global warming is essentially the way the global temperatures are increasing at a rapid rate.

There are various factors that could cause the temperatures of the planet to increase. Top on the list is the carbon emissions that emanate from the burning of fossil fuels. Industrialization can be thought to be directly responsible for this. The increase in the number of industries present in the world today has caused dire consequences on the environment.

Industries utilize fossil fuels such as petroleum. When these fossil fuels are burnt, they release carbon gases such as carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide, once released into the environment, can last up to 100 years. Besides water vapor, carbon dioxide is the most abundant heat absorbent gas found in the environment today.

Carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are the major culprits in global warming. These gases build up and retain the heat in the atmosphere, and also thin the ozone layer. In some parts, the ozone layer has been so thinned that there are actually holes present in the layer. This allows very harmful UV rays from the sun to penetrate and reach the earth's surface. This means more skin cancer occurrences among the human beings.

You may think that you have not experienced global warming yet, but this is not true. The climate change that the earth has been experiencing in the recent past is the main evidence of how global warming can destroy the environment.

Climate change refers to how the climate of the planet has been changing over the years. If you have been observant enough, then you will realize that the climatic patterns that you had gotten used to are changing, and not for the better.

Climate change is a threat to all inhabitants of the planet earth. If the earth is destroyed, it means the thousands of species that inhabit it will not have a place to call home. Human beings will no longer be able to feed themselves and animal species will become extinct. Eventually, the earth will overheat and there will be no life left.

Climate change has occurred due to the fact that if the atmosphere is destroyed, it pretty much exposes the earth to a lot of danger. Let's take the fact that there is more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere than we need as an example. Carbon dioxide can be absorbed by seawater. Unfortunately, the oceans have become warmer due to the rapid rise of global temperatures. Warm seawater has less capacity to absorb.

You can see, therefore, that climate change is a vicious cycle that needs to be stopped for the sake of the planet. The only way to ensure that we save the planet for the future generations is by making sure climate change doesn't completely destroy the environment.

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Giuliana C.Tremonti is the author of this article on WNO.
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By Giuliana C. Tremonti


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