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Things You Can Do To Become Pro-Active In Conserving Water

Cutting down on water usage and recycling are two of the methods that have been initiated to conserve the liquid resources in our country. Water conservation has become a hot issue all over the world as calculations have shown us that our water can, and will, run out.

World population has reached immense proportions, and the demand and use of water has increased to the point where nature no longer puts back enough to replace that which is used. In many places on the planet, people are living without the H2O that we take for granted here in the United States, but their realities could eventually become ours if we fail to take steps now.

People aren't the only ones who need water. The fact is that every living organism is dependent on water in some way. When it runs out or becomes polluted, the ecosystems counting on it are forced to change.

Some species die out while others move to different environments or learn to live with the changes. As human beings, there's no where else for us to go and no way to sustain life at all without water. Is this the fate we wish for our grandchildren?

There are many ways that each of us can conserve water in our homes and workplaces. Some of these include:

* Turning off the water when not actively using it.
* Repairing leaks in water lines, faucets, and toilets
* Putting bottles of pebbles in toilet tanks to reduce the water they use
* Taking showers instead of tub baths
* Letting the lawn turn brown rather than watering it; the grass will come back
* Wearing clothing more often between washings to lessen the number of loads
* Installing modern, efficient water heating technology
* Wash the car using a bucket and sponge rather than a hose
* Plant flowers, trees, and vines that require less water
* Don't hose off your driveway; use a broom
* Put trash into wastebaskets instead of the toilet

Look around your home and keep track of the water you use. Make it a goal to cut your water usage by 10%, and figure out ways you can accomplish it. What you do may not seem like a lot in the general scheme of things, but imagine what could happen if everyone made water conservation a priority. A critical part of life today includes cutting down water pollution and saving as much water as we can.

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By Kristie


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