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Moving on from our original purpose, the coastal climate action website now serves as a resource for articles, information, news, tips, hints and dreams for the future on all topics around climate change, eco friendly ideas.

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The Harsh Reality of Climate Change

When the World Bank recently stated that Climate Change is a real imminent threat to the peace of the world has to be a wake up call to all those Republican climate change deniers. Heaven forbid we should shutter the fact that oil profits could suffer. But, like Scrooge himself stated if the multitudes suffer and die so-be-it and decrease the surplus population is the mindset of too many of the powers that be. The real scary thought though is tha ..
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Benefits and Drawbacks of Biomass Boilers

With oil and gas supplies only being given a 45 and 65 year lifespan by researchers, our fossil fuels are in danger of disappearing very quickly. Therefore, there is a constant need to find an alternative energy source and advancements have been made when it comes to utilizing other sources of fuel. One such source is biomass, an energy created from the burning of biological materials, primarily plants and biodegradable waste. This can power heat ..
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